Saturday, June 13, 2009

David Archuleta VS David Cook

Aku nak melagakan2 peminat David Archuleta dan peminat David Cook .
Haha. *gelak jahat sikit.
Aku ada dapat sedikit informasi dua penyanyi yang hensem ni.
Ahaks. *gedik lagi. Miahaha.
Siap ada gambar diorang lagi. Baca2 .
David Archuleta

crush . a little too not over you . touch my hand .

  • The David Archuleta story began on Dec. 28, 1990, the day David was born to Jeff and Lupe Archuleta in North Miami, Florida.
  • His father was a jazz musician who was always playing the trumpet around the house.
  • His mother was a singer who performed locally with her three sisters in a group known as the Mayorga Sisters.
  • David always enjoyed music, but wasn't particularly fond of his dad's jazz trumpet playing, covering his ears "because it was so loud
David Cook

lights on
  • Millions of people around the country fell in love with rock belter David Cook while watching him make other people’s songs his own week after week on the seventh season of American Idol.
  • Cook won the competition handily thanks to viewers connecting with his rich, unfettered voice and passionately intense performances, not to mention his down-to-earth Midwestern charm.
  • Now, with the release of his self-titled major-label debut, this gifted 25-year-old is eager to show those fans what he can do when he’s in the driver’s seat.
Aku nak cari laa gambar David Archuleta yang pakai baju melayu.
Tapi kalau nak cari kat photobucket pehh jenuh .
Tahh bilaa nak jumpa pun tak tahu.
Kan popular mamat ni?
Mau gilaa banyak berjuta2 pix dea dalam photobucket ni.
Mana lagi popular?
Mesti la David Archuleta kan ?
Dia dah turun Malaysia dah. David Cook hampeh.
Booo kat kau. Haha.