Sunday, August 2, 2009

We Need To Talk

We Need To Talk .

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aku nak sangat cakap macam ni kat kau .
luahkan semua apa yang aku takpuas haty .
tapi .
aku tak mampu ):

Buddy .
Do you thought that i am mad of you ?
Doesn't right ? Please .
Thats i wanna supposed say to you being for long time ago .
I think we are just friends .
Currently , you are not my best friends .
You're never be .
I always think too much about you bad attitude that you show to me .
Sometimes i think do you feel sorry what do you doing this for me ? Do you ?
I don't think so .
You never understanding about my self and whatever i like .
Nobody perfect right ?
But you supposed to understanding like i am understanding about you .
Thats enough buddy .
I'm tired of you .
Truth tired . So please .
Change your self to the better attitude .
I always pray for you .
Peace be upon to you .
Goodbye .

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